Aug 21 2021


10:00 am

Annual Member Meeting

WDYC proposed bylaw amendments for Consideration at the August 2021 Annual Meeting Agenda for Annual Meeting- 08 21 21To the Members of West Dennis Yacht Club:

Attached, please find the slate of nominees as submitted by the Club Nominating Committee for the positions of Officers and Directors of West Dennis Yacht Club for 2021/2022. The positions of Officers and Directors will be filled by vote at the Yacht Club’s Annual Meeting on 21 August 2021.Additional nominations for any one or more vacancies must be received by the Club Secretary ([email protected] ) no later than the first Saturday of August. Such additional nominations shall be in writing, signed by at least five (5) members in good standing and shall contain a statement that the nominee has accepted the nomination. No nominations shall be permitted from the floor or otherwise, unless permitted by a vote of 2/3 of the members present.In the event that there are two or more candidates for an office, a secret ballot will be taken until a candidate receives a majority of the votes cast.

Respectfully submitted,Leah Howlett, Club Secretary

July 31, 2021
Ms. Leah Howlett
West Dennis Yacht Club
Dear Leah,
After soliciting interest from all members, extensive review and interviews with all applicants and in
accordance with Section 12.2 of the By-Laws of the West Dennis Yacht Club, the 2021 Nominating
Committee is pleased to present the following slate of nominees for election to office for the 2021-
2022 year.
Vice Commodore/Commodore-Elect: Rick Powers
Rear Commodore: Michael Healy
Fleet Captain: Magan Earnshaw
Treasurer: Caroline White
Secretary: Leah Howlett
Immediate Past Commodore: Sue Sullivan
Director 2024 (3 year term): Tom King
Director 2024 (3 year term): Elissa Thompson
Director 2024 (3 year term): Janet Gallugi
Director 2022 (1 year term): Peg Meyers
Commodore-Elect Sue Chapman shall be Commodore in pursuance with the By-Laws.
On behalf of the Committee, I ask that you notify the membership of this information as required.
John Grande, Chairperson
Nominating Committee
Committee members
Susan Warren
Beth Skinner
Sheila Meehan